Trophies are exported once at the end of the season before end of November. We take the trophies to a central point in Tete where the exporters collect it and then further prepare for export to various countries of the clients residence address.

We currently make use of EMIAC or Safari Cargo Systems. It is the clients choice which company he wants to use.

For the mounting of trophies we use Field and Stream Taxidermy in South Africa. If the client decides he want to make use of this service, we will ship his trophies through Safari Cargo Systems to Field and Stream Taxidermy in Louis Trichardt in South Africa for mounting.

Either of these companies will get in touch with the clients for export / mounting instructions directly to ensure they deliver the best possible serves. Please do keep in mind , all these companies are independent service providers and we try to ensure we use just the best service providers known to us. 


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