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Take note that not all our information is shared on our website. For extensive information regarding our safaris and a full description of what to expect on a hunting safari in Moçambique, click on the link below to download our full brochure.

Hunting Season

The Moçambique hunting season starts in May and ends in November.

Terms and Conditions

Safaris are confirmed on receipt of 50% of the total daily rate plus the hunting license and gov. license fee of the species chosen in order to secure the safari. The balance of the daily rate plus additional charges are payable 0 days prior to the commencement of the safari and the trophy fees are payable at the conclusion of the safari. Payment in camp must be made in cash or by bank transfers prior to the safari commencing. Please note: all prices exclude 17% VAT.


Due to the nature of the safari hunting activity in wild conditions, Chasseurs de Moçambique, their employees, guides and affiliates, do not accept responsibility for any client or dependant thereof in respect of any loss, injury, illness, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced.


Clients should arrange their own travel, medical and accidental insurance. We accept no liabilities whatsoever in regard to: weather conditions, injuries or damage to persons and/or equipment.

Daily Rates Include

  • East African tented style accommodation in fully equipped private hunting camps.

  • The services of a PH (Professional Hunter).

  • Fully equipped 4x4 safari vehicles.

  • Camp staff, skinners and tracking service.

  • All field preparation of trophies.

  • All ground transport in the hunting area.

  • All meals and standard drinks during contracted safari (accordingly with company policy).

  • Meet and greet customs assistance at port of entry.

  • Government concession fess, community and conservation fees.

Daily Rates Exclude

  • Animal license fees.

  • Animal trophy fees (to be paid on all animals killed or wounded and lost).

  • Lion and leopard baits.

  • The cost of hunting license and firearm permits.

  • The hire of firearms.

  • Ammunition.

  • Tanning, processing, packaging and transportation of trophies for exportation.

  • Transfers from airpot to base camp and back.

  • Hotel accommodation before and after the hunt, if applicable.

  • Air charters, immigration and/or customs fees.

  • Tips and gratuities.

Passport and Visas

Customs clearance is operative at your port of entry in Moçambique. You must have a passport, valid for a miniumum of 6 months beyond intended departure from Moçambique and have two blank pages in your passport. All non-Moçambique citizens MUST have a visa. Please ensure that your visa is valid at least a week before and week after the contracted period. For more accurate information please consult the official authorities.

Firearm Importation

We recommend you consider booking with SAA direct from Johannesburg to Tete or to the next airport closest to the hunting area where you will be hunting. It is of utmost importance that you give us your flight details 90 days before arrival as we need to arrange your firearm import permits into Moçambique and this permit needs to state port of arrival and departure. We also need the exact amount of ammo you are bringing into Moçambique so we can add this onto your rifle import permit. There will be an amount of ± 4$ per 375 calibre and up, tax on the airport for the ammo your are bringing along, this is a government tax not controlled by us. We can also recommend to plan your arrival and departure from Moçambique to fall within the week days and not on a weekend , this ensure that you travel with SAA.


We recommend a light 30 calibre for leopard/plains game with 60 rounds of ammo for each calibre. Two rifles per client is allowed with a max of 100 rounds per rifle. Dangerous game requires a 375 calibre and bigger for thick skinned animals.


We will need 2 passport photos and a passport copy of each hunter for his rifle import permit and hunting license at least 45 days prior to arrival in Mozambique. If you are traveling through South Africa, we recommend to contact Hunters Permit Africa to help you with assistance in Johannesburg with the clearance and rebooking of your firearms to Mozambique:

Trophy Exportation

Trophies are exported once at the end of the season before end of November. We take the trophies to a central point in Tete where the exporters collect it and then further prepare for export to various countries of the clients residence address.

We currently make use of EMIAC. It is the clients choice which company he wants to use.

For the mounting of trophies we use  Trophy Solutions Africa. If the client decides he want to make use of this service, we will ship his trophies through Safari Cargo Systems to Trophy Solutions Africa in Polokwane, South Africa, for mounting.

Either of these companies will get in touch with the clients for export / mounting instructions directly to ensure they deliver the best possible serves. Please do keep in mind , all these companies are independent service providers and we try to ensure we use just the best service providers known to us.

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