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Niassa is located in the most Northern part of Moçambique bordering Tanzania. The Rovuma River forms the border between Moçambique and Tanzania and the Northern boundary from the hunting area. The Niassa Safari areas are primarily used for buffalo, leopard, lion and plains game species where we average a 100% success rate on these species. The hunting areas total in excess of 2 million acres of pristine free-range wilderness area. Access to these blocks is easily accessible via commercial airline direct to Lichinga or Pemba. Charter flights can be arranged direct to camp from Johannesburg or Maputo.



The famous Zambezi Delta is located where the might Zambezi River flows into the Indian Ocean. Access to this area is made easy with a direct flight to Beira and then using a charter to get into camp. This area is mainly used for buffalo and plains game with a total buffalo heard of 30 000 in numbers. The Zambezi Delta offers a wide range of plains game species, from the tiny ten up to buffalo, hippo and crocodile.

Zambezi Delta

South Africa


Our main lodge is located near the town of Mopane, Limpopo. The ranch is 6000 ha in size and hosts all the plainsgame species and buffalo. The lodge can accommodate 16 guests at a time and is located in the middle of the hunting area and ensure to give our guests a true African feeling.

All rooms are ensuite and has air conditioning. The lodge offers cable TV and a swimming pool.

We further make use of around 60000 ha of concessions around the area.


Our main focus regarding big game fishing out of Mauritius isle is for the Blue and Black Marlin, Blue and Yellow Fin and Dog Tooth Tuna, Sail Fish, Dorado and Barracuda.


Based in the northern part of the island and launching from Cap Mahlerioux or Grand Bay gives us access to the Northern Indian ocean that lies above Mauritius with Africa to the West . This makes options to fish the famous Grand Bank and Soudan Bank from our base and puts us further in reach of the St. Brandon Islands to offer extended combinations of fishing trips.


We have a fleet of new vessels ranging from 35 to 65 feet with all the newest navigational equipment and international safety standards on board - this ensures you have an uninterrupted fishing trip. Rods and reels are all of the best brands available.

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