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All of us at Chasseurs de Moçambique are passionate about our way of life and we deem to ensure that our way of life becomes your reality, your life long dream. We see conservation and hunting walking together; without sustainable hunting we cannot conserve our wildlife for future generations.



For us to ensure that you and future hunters enjoy our wilderness areas, we have to look after the day to day running of these areas. As for such, this all costs huge loads of finances and the only way for people like us to raise capital to reinvest in our wilderness areas, is by utilizing our wildlife and making it pay its way forward to survive. Therefore, hunters are the key to conserve these wilderness areas and to ensure its long term existence by paying for hunting safaris and caring for the maintenance thereof. For us, as the custodians of these wilderness areas, we need to reinvest in these areas together with fellow hunters. To do so, large areas of wilderness and habitat is put aside for hunting tourism and entrusted to operators like ourself to look after it and manage it on a long term basis.



With our long term experience we have the ability to offer high quality safaris and take you back in time to enjoy and experience the old time safaris of an era long gone by. Entrust us to make your dream a reality. Come and experience with us the magic of what Africa has to offer.

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